THE WAY WEST – Steppenwolf Theatre – 2014
“Meesh (Caroline Neff, spot-on as the tough, junk food-devouring twentysomething with a vestige of pioneer rawness)” – Sun TImes
“Caroline Neff brings a nice, understated manipulativeness to Meesh, giving us casual indications that she’s not as stupid as her Daisy Maes might suggest” – Chicago Reader
ANNIE BOSH IS MISSING – Steppenwolf Theatre – 2013
“Nabers’ central character (played by Caroline Neff with a potent mix of bravado and pain) [is] very moving and involving”  – Chicago Tribune
THE KNOWLEDGE – Steep Theatre Company – 2013
Zoe is, to a large extent, an inept mess. But thanks in no small measure to Neff’s moving performance, Zoe remains a deeply sympathetic character in this piece, a piece that not only charts why teaching is so very, very hard in these circumstances but is honest about the malevolence of young people.” – Chicago Tribune
” it’s greatly pleasing to see Caroline Neff play one of the adults in the room for once. The compelling actress, with her petite stature, round face and distinctive mane of thick blond curls, is so often onstage as a youngster …fine performances in Jonathan Berry’s smartly staged production, particularly and unsurprisingly Neff’s, make The Knowledge worth picking up.”  Timeout Chicago
25 SAINTS – Greenhouse Theatre Company – 2013
the always wonderful Neff gives Sammy a wounded strength”
– Chicago Theatre Beat
4000 MILES – Northlight Theatre – 2013
“Bec — played by Caroline Neff with the kind of witheringly intellectual self-righteousness that put me in mind of any number of people I once dated myself” – Chicago Tribune
“Bec (the always vivid Caroline Neff), a student at NYU, has not been welcoming.”
– Sun Times
PETRIFIED FOREST – Strawdog Theatre – 2012
“Neff is one of the best young actresses in Chicago” – Chicago Tribune
“In particular, it makes room for a thrilling performance from Caroline Neff, who transforms wanderlustful bar gal Gabby into a full-blooded character yearning for stimulation, sophistication and escape.” – Timeout Chicago
THREE SISTERS – Steppenwolf Theatre – 2012
And there is something about the way Letts translates Irina, the youngest of the sisters, played by Caroline Neff, that somehow makes her more self-aware and wise than typically is the case. Especially when it comes to her figuring out that the sisters’ collective problem is not the elusiveness of happiness, but their inability to embrace fully anything other than its absence.” – Chicago Tribune
“Ora Jones, Carrie Coon and Caroline Neff each deliver fine performances as the titular trio. Neff in particular opens up beautifully in her first turn on the big stage, her Irina balancing pensiveness with a spark of optimism that, in the play’s final moments, is tragically snuffed.” – Timeout Chicago
THE RECEPTIONIST – Steep Theatre Company – 2012
“All of this office banality, though played with precision comic timing by Roy and Neff, goes on long enough that when we get our first clue about what kind of work this office actually does, the sudden realization is jarring.” – Timeout Chicago
“Both Neff, whose work is rich, and Esposito, who brings the right note of sadness, are careful to underplay their roles, adding nicely to sense of unease coaxed to the fore by the shrewdly generic.” – Chicago Tribune
UNDER THE BLUE SKY – Steep Theatre Company – 2011
“Caroline Neff, who plays the dumpee who sees it coming, as dumpees so often do, offers a truly blistering and pitch-perfect take on a young teacher who knows her chance of happiness is about to clear off to a posh school in the countryside, leaving her in the urban dust. It is so very sad a scene. ”  – Chicago Tribune
“The play’s first scene is in many ways the best and most devastating. It features the enormously talented and fearless young actress Caroline Neff as Helen”
– Chicago Sun TImes
PORNOGRAPHY – Steep Theatre Company– 2011
“Each and every last performance from this nine-member cast feels utterly authentic. And in several cases — the work done by Kendra Thulin, Caroline Neff and Michael Salinas, to name just three examples in a superb young ensemble — the characters not only feel credibly British, they are realized with jolting, full-throated intensity”  – Chicago Tribune
WHERE WE’RE BORN – Steppenwolf Garage – 2011
“By far the strongest of the three shows is Brad Akin’s blistering production of Where We’re Born…Akin’s production is visceral, volatile, violent—a throwback to the sort of work that earned Steppenwolf a reputation more than 30 years ago. If this is the future, it looks a lot like the past.” – The Reader
THE METAL CHILDREN – Next Theatre – 2011
“… and, most crucially, by Edith’s niece and ward, Vera Dundee (the bristling, poignant, ever bravura Caroline Neff” – Sun Times
PORT – Griffin Theatre – 2011
“From early on it also is abundantly clear that Caroline Neff, the young actress who portrays Racheal in Griffin Theatre’s emotionally searing U.S. premiere of the play, deserves to be catapulted into the star category herself.” – Sun Times